It's a lonely battle.  

We are labelled "abusive" by the current brand of gender therapists and maligned by the media.

We are blamed for causing our children's mental health issues.  

In many jurisdictions, we are  legally forced to "affirm" our children or have them taken from us.

Our teens and young adults are encouraged to limit contact with us, or cut us out of their lives all together.

If we voice our opinions publicly, we are labelled "transphobic", accused of promoting hatred and, in some jurisdictions, risk being criminally charged.

And all the while we must watch, as our children's minds are being twisted, their health destroyed and their bodies disfigured by those they trust.

It is a long, painful, lonely battle.

your story

If you are the parent of a child who suddenly—seemingly out of the blue—decided they were transgender and you would like to share your story, please tell us.