A Death with No Funeral

Editor’s Note: When we first created this website, we believed it was mainly teenage and young adult girls who would suddenly announce they wanted to transition. Recently, we have been receiving many inquiries from parents with sons. Although their sons tend to be slightly older, and their underlying motivations may be different, we feel it is important to share their experiences as well.

All parents of children who suddenly declare themselves transgender are welcome in our group.

My younger son entered university as Roger and graduated as Regina. He is highly gifted academically, but now appears "brainwashed" in his demands for obeisance to the trans agenda. His pod-mate first year was a girl transitioning into a boy. After seeming in love with his girlfriend freshman year, sophomore year he declared himself transgender. My son says he is a Lesbian.

He first enlisted his older brother as an "ally." He has made not just acceptance, but celebration of his new "identity" the price of his love. He has forbidden us even to talk about the first 19 years of his life, allowed no questions, no "dead-naming," no photographs displayed showing him as a male. I overheard him boasting to his brother how easily he was approved for estrogen therapy at his Ivy League school.

His trans insanity has destroyed us. We are older parents. My husband is 72 and reduced to tears that if he "slips" and uses the "wrong" pronouns, he is severely chastised. He deals with the loss of our sons by not talking about it.

The trans insanity is destroying my marriage. I am terrified of losing everyone and everything I love. I feel totally alone, isolated.

I am a Second-Wave Gender Critical Feminist and refuse to bow to the T agenda. I am revolted by the "cotton ceiling." I am revolted by my son's fake breasts and womanface. I am constantly angry and depressed. I am wracked with insomnia and health problems resulting from son's declaration that he is now a woman. My best friend -- a social worker -- dropped me after 45 years of friendship, for my refusal to CELEBRATE losing my son. I have nowhere to turn, no one to talk to about this.

I have seriously considered suicide rather than deal with the pain and insanity of losing BOTH my sons. I had them when I was 40 and almost 44. My worst nightmare has always been losing my children.

I have 2 Master's degrees, 3 teacher certifications, and speak six languages. I gave up the career I loved to become a stay-at-home mother. I am physically handicapped and knew I could not do both; I chose full-time motherhood. Both sons excelled in every school subject, were well-behaved and had a loving, happy childhood. They had both a toy workshop and a toy kitchen. I WAS A DAMN GOOD MOTHER.

I have been told that I am a superb, highly-professional writer. I will use all my powers to help expose the horrors of the TRANS CULT; for it has all the hallmarks of a cult.

I do not have a daughter, and I never will. I refuse to lie for the rest of my life. I will grieve the loss of my sons on my deathbed.

"Transgenderism" is wrong and misguided, conflating sex with gender. Co-opting the identity of "Woman" is pure misogyny. This insane derailed train must be stopped.

"Blackface" is to racism as "Womanface" is to sexism.