Do You Have ASD? Transition!

This nightmare is moving at the speed of a freight train!  Our beautiful 16 yr old daughter is now saying she is trans (ftm).

She has Asperger’s, now termed autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She has always been “high functioning”.  She has many sensory and social issues. 

Teenage years have been a big challenge and she has fears of growing up. She was devastated to lose her well known friends to the boy scene, so she started to hang out with some girls that were very accepting of her. They consist of bisexual girls, transgenders(ftm) and straight teen girls.  Shortly after making her new friends in the past six months she has cut her hair, wears male clothes and is binding her chest and looks similar to some of her new friends. She is unrecognizable compared to six months ago.

We quickly found out her friends support her.  We discovered that she has hidden social media accounts with transgenders feeding her daily that this was who she is and because if you say your trans, your trans.

Teachers told us, “Oh, that’s just her trying to figure out who she is.”  We have met resistance from school counselors, who suggested we have her talk to a transgender counselor. Our primary care provider referred us to transgender clinic, but once we researched it we cancelled that appointment! We have had multiple disappointments with different counsellors telling my husband and I that we are in denial. None of the people we have come across will even challenge this subject.  She convinces them in 10 minutes of meeting them that yep, she is trans.

She is so caught up in this she has herself thinking that she was always trans. She tells us she was always trans because she didn’t like pink frilly things or dresses. She has always had sensory issues with clothing but never wanted male clothes. Never did she say she was a boy or wanted to be. I have yet to find a professional that would consider her diagnosis of ASD to possibly be driving this.  No one wants to stand up to this phenomenon.

She wants hormones and top surgery but not a penis because she might want to have kids some day. And yes, she says she would be a male that was pregnant. She has a boyfriend that identifies her as a boy. It’s absolute insanity!  

We gladly join all of you in this fight for our kids to be who they were born to be. We are desperate to connect with parents that are going through this too. 

Not going to let this evil win.