Losing My Daughter

Names and identifying details have been changed.

Its official, I lost physical custody of my 16 year-old daughter.  I have been her primary parent since she was born. I'm beyond devastated.

I not only lost her to the Trans Trend, but I also lost her to parental alienation, since I had difficulty accepting my girly girl's sudden female-to-male transgender declaration.  It only started after she was bullied and isolated and fell in with the Emo crowd,  all of whom consider themselves to be "gender fluid".  

The day her father took her to file petition with court, she cut off all her hair, died it black, ordered a wardrobe of men's clothes, and a binder,  which I had refused to let her do...And lastly, she changed my name in her phone from "Mom" to "Satan".

The crazy thing about this transgender trend is, if these kids had anorexia, they would enforce treatment, not agree with the child's perception that they're fat. Why agree with a child's perception they are born in wrong body?? Its not harmless going down that road!


My daughter's asthma has really been flaring up, even though it hasn't bothered her for years.  The doctor did a lung function test and it came out bad.  I'm thinking the chest binding is making it worse. I sent a copy of the report to her father, and implored him to stop allowing her to use it, but he probably won't. Her brother (23) came to visit and said that his father is incapable of saying no to her. 

The doctor won't say anything. The only way to do something is to file a contempt of court, but then that opens the transgender issue and that's a risky can of worms to open with LGBTQ rights and all.

I wish my family wasn't so far.. I feel like I'm dying inside. I'm so scared for my baby girl! 😥😥

My heart is torn to bits.. of you had seen her poc's from my fb memories.. just one year ago, she was coming back after a uear long battle.. sorry for typo's cant see thru tears. I'll regroup because Im not done fighting for my baby.. I just need a rest!  My dear daughter was a 1 lb. baby...We've fought so many battles...but tjhis is the hardest because nobody is on your side.