Help Dr. Caspian Conduct Important Research and Protect Free Speech

Dr. James Caspian

Dr. James Caspian

When Dr. James Caspian, a psychotherapist at Bath Spa University in the UK, noticed a trend in transitioners desisting, he put forth a proposal to investigate this new and previously unseen trend. 

While the school originally accepted his proposal on the controversial topic in 2015, the university’s ethics committee, apparently fearing a backlash from the LGBT community, rejected his research deeming it to be “potentially politically incorrect.”

Dr. Caspian has started a crowdfunding campaign online to raise £50,000 to take the university to court for a Judicial Review.

Please consider making a donation to help him continue with this important research.

In his own words:

In the past few years the gender field has changed with the advent of many new and different gender identities to which it seems young people in particular are drawn. Some of these may be transsexual – that is they feel that while born in the body of one sex they belong to the other and seek medical treatment, hormones and surgery, some are not. There is currently research being done in the US into three different types of gender dysphoria (unhappiness in one’s gender), the newest type being Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria which is being seen in more teenagers and which it is thought has a connection to internet use and social contagion [4]. In my clinical work the age and profile of the patients changed markedly in the last few years, many more much younger people (around three times as many 17 to 25 year olds between 2010 and 2015) and more natal females were presenting with a wider variety of gender identities. Studies show that patients at gender identity clinics are six times more likely to be on the autistic spectrum than the general population.
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